Electrical Construction:  

We are not your traditional electrical contractor.  Sure, we have all of the same capabilities and experiences; however, our DNA and purpose is completely different.  We are experienced engineers, tradesmen, programmers and statisticians bringing analytic management to electrical construction with outstanding results. 

Building Information Modeling:

Seeing most of us still play video games, we got this.  Our modeling is not handled by a separate department loosely associated with the build team.  Our project managers and superintendents are all trained to navigate and coordinate in model space. 

Design & Engineering:  

Through our own in-house engineers and a network of engineer partners, we provide expert design services tailored to each project.  At Rye, we are passionate about finding solutions and thrive on challenges. 

Preconstruction & Constructability:  

We get it, you want quick, accurate and detailed pricing with some wicked smart cost saving ideas and helpful input. 

Manufacturing & Prefabrication: 

We firmly believe that traditional building is inefficient and about due for an overhaul.  We are passionate about projects that allow us to work with industry partners and move the needle by building: multi-trade racks and head walls; utility integrated precast structures; and modular electric rooms.   

Scheduling & Labor Management:

Projects need to be built faster.  Rye strives to give owners, developers and General Contractors unparalleled access to real-time production data to improve scheduling accuracy, decision making, quality and safety.  

Low Voltage Technologies

No easy tagline or heading describes all of the services and solutions under the umbrella. If it takes power or signal, we have the certified capability.  Fire Alarm, DAS, Accelerograph, Crisis and Emergency Communication, etc.