Rye Company

"When it comes to construction, we dare to be a little Different. "

Rye Company

Defining Insanity

In 1908 one could buy a complete house from Sears and Roebuck for as little as $3,000.00 and have it within weeks. Today, over 100 years later a single family residence takes twice as long to build and costs four times more relative to inflation.  Put in context; stamps, cars and milk all cost less today than in the early 1900’s and gas is only double relative to inflation. 

For decades, U.S. industries have experienced exceptional productivity growth with the one anomaly being the construction industry, for which overall productivity has declined.  


Forget the Mouse Trap

We built Rye Company on the belief that we can go beyond traditional construction.  We're committed to reducing the time and cost it takes to build by 50% within the next ten years.  It is not just about prefabrication or better planning, it is a holistic approach requiring us to challenge convention and push forward with interoperability, analytics management, labor optimization, integration and manufacturing.   

Today, Rye's do different is predictive analytics and using more science than gut to understand labor production and efficiency.  Tomorrow is robotics and manufacturing.